My dear friend and the stellar artist Laimah Osman and I collaborated for a show at Hampshire College Art Gallery called Of Soil and TonguesThe exhibit brings together 3 alums, including Miatta Kawinzi and lê thi diem thúy, to consider poetry in three-dimensional space--as a heard, performed, read, graphic, and embodied medium. It's curated by Amy Halliday and Jocelyn Edens and runs from June 1 to October 1, 2017. Laimah and I created two series of monotypes based on two of my poems. 

THE WONDER OF BEING SEVERAL | زیبایی چندین بودن
I collaborated with artist Sarah Saltzman on this handmade book. It is a celebration of—an adoration for—the beauty of Dari, one of the languages spoken in Afghanistan. Dari is filled with compound words:  two or more words combined to create a new meaning. In Dari, these constructions have an uncommonly poetic flavor. A bat is a leather butterfly, a turtle a stone frog. Out of disparate images a new hybrid is born.   And so, we simultaneously celebrate the compound: the wonder of being several.

Every year, Kundiman, an organization dedicated to the creation and cultivation of Asian American creative writing, offers a postcard exchange among its fellows. You write a postcard poem/story each day for a month to a fellow writer. The theme for 2017 was Because We Come From Everything: Poetry & Migration. We wrote and mail postcard poems highlighting the theme of migration.